September 25, 2015

State of Alabama
Press Release: Alabama Department of Revenue

Magee to Continue Work Fighting Tax Fraud with IRS Security Summit Workgroup

MONTGOMERY, Sept. 25, 2015—Alabama Revenue Commissioner Julie Magee will attend a meeting next week at IRS offices in Washington, D.C., to work on anti-fraud measures with the Financial Services Work Group. The group, suggested by Magee, was one of four announced at the IRS Security Summit that were tasked to develop better ways to protect taxpayers from identity theft tax refund fraud.


“We have a serious mission in combating the proliferation of identity theft refund fraud,” said Magee. “We want to study financial products (prepaid debit and prepaid gifts cards) tied to refunds and how they can be used to facilitate fraud.”


The group will work collaboratively with government and industry representatives to identify best practices and implement solutions that will help combat identity theft and refund fraud. The cooperative effort will provide guidance, draft regulations, and propose policies that, ultimately, will enhance the protection of taxpayer identities and reduce tax fraud.


Magee is also working with the Authentication Work Group created at the IRS summit.









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