January 12, 2015

State of Alabama
Press Release: Medicaid

Eleven organizations approved as probationary Alabama RCOs

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All 11 organizations which applied to be Alabama’s first Regional Care Organizations have received certification as a probationary RCO, the Alabama Medicaid Agency announced December 31.

Probationary certification means that the various groups have met initial requirements established by the state including formation of a governing board and bylaws, formation of a Citizens’ Advisory Board, among others. The probationary RCOs will now work toward final approval which will require them to demonstrate that they can provide an adequate provider network and have financial solvency to operate a viable program no later than October 1, 2016. The next major deadline, for network adequacy, will be April 1. The financial solvency deadline will be October 1 of 2015.

The 11 probationary RCOs are:

·         Region A (North Alabama)

o   Alabama Community Care – Region A

o   Alabama Healthcare Advantage North

o   My Care Alabama Medicaid

·         Region B (Central / East Alabama)

o   Alabama Care Plan

o   Alabama Healthcare Advantage East

·         Region C (West Alabama)

o   Alabama Community Care – Region C

o   Alabama Healthcare Advantage West

·         Region D (Central / Southeast Alabama)

o   Alabama Healthcare Advantage

o   Care Network of Alabama

·         Region E (Southwest Alabama)

o   Alabama Healthcare Advantage South

o   Gulf Coast Regional Care Organization 

Probationary certification also allows applicants the option to manage a Health Home program in advance of full-risk requirements. Medicaid’s Health Home program currently operates in four regions of the state to help Medicaid recipients with complex or multiple medical conditions improve their health outcomes while reducing the cost of care to the state. Probationary RCOs will be eligible to respond to a Health Home Request for Proposals released December 29.

For more information on the approved groups, click here.

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