December 2, 2014

State of Alabama
Press Release: Medicaid

Volunteers gain job experience in Medicaid’s NET program

They’re all moms with associate degrees who have been out of the workforce. They also have something else in common: They are investing in their future by volunteering at the Alabama Medicaid Agency to prepare for a paying position and a better future.

Chassidy Jones, Nukisha Langford and LaKeysa Fuller of Montgomery are currently on a six month assignment with the Agency’s Non-Emergency Transportation program as part of the Working Matters Program. The program is sponsored by the Family Guidance Center of Alabama and funded by the Alabama Department of Human Resources to move participants into self-reliance through employment. Each week, the three women work 25 to 35 hours verifying doctor visits made by Medicaid recipients, pulling claims data and performing other duties associated with the NET program.

Medicaid Administrator Janice O’Neal, along with the assistance of Medicaid Eligibility Manager, Diane Hamilton, supervises these NET workers and says the program benefits both the Agency and the volunteers. “This program has helped Medicaid by providing needed staffing while offering on-the-job training and experience for these workers,” she said. “They’ve done a great job.”

All three chose to volunteer at Medicaid from an array of work locations offered to them. Chassidy Jones chose Medicaid in order to have a different type of work experience than jobs she had held in the past. Nukisha Langford hopes to build on her degree in medical assisting while LaKeysa Fuller’s goal is to put her computer training and knowledge to work.

All agree that it has been good to volunteer at the same time. “It’s good to have someone that understands what you are struggling with and to help you, said Langford. Being together makes you work harder because you need to stand out by giving 200 percent.”

Their work has raised a few eyebrows. “People ask me, why are you working for free? But it’s a new experience, one that I hope will prepare me for working for Medicaid, or another opportunity,” Fuller said. Jones says she hopes the experience will be a stepping stone and lead to the success she envisions for herself.

Currently a sophomore studying to be a social worker at Alabama State University, Langford is looking to the future. “I got used to being at home while taking care of my kids. Raising my children was an accomplishment. Now I want to accomplish something for myself.”

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