July 1, 2014

State of Alabama
Press Release: Alabama Department of Revenue

ADOR Launches New Online System


ADOR Launches New Online System


Electronic Sales Application for Tax Delinquent Property Now Available


Montgomery, July 1, 2014—State Revenue Commissioner Julie P. Magee announced today that the process of buying tax delinquent property just became easier and much more efficient with the launch of the department’s newest online feature:  ADOR’s electronic sales application for tax delinquent property.   

“This new application will enable interested persons to search our database of tax delinquent properties quickly and easily, locating properties they are interested in purchasing.  They can then submit their sales applications online, providing them with an immediate confirmation that their applications have been received.  The entire sales application process now can be handled online; whereas before, it was largely a manual process,” explained Magee.

Key features to the new online system are the searchable database and the automated application process.  Prospective purchasers can search tax delinquent properties in various ways:  by county; by the person’s name in which the property was assessed when it sold to the state for delinquent taxes; by the certificate of sale number (CS#); or by the parcel number of the property.  In addition, certain information fields on the sales application are automatically filled in or populated, which greatly reduces the risks for errors, according to Magee. 

“Once the prospective purchaser enters certain personal information required to complete the application process, the application can then be submitted with a click of button,” explained Magee.

The completed application is transmitted directly to ADOR’s Property Tax Division for processing.  The prospective purchaser will receive confirmation that his or her application was received, along with information concerning the processing of the price quote. 

The link to the new online system is available on the department’s website at


Currently, over 30,000 parcels of tax delinquent properties are held in the State of Alabama’s inventory for sale.  On average, the department processes between 500 and 1,000 sales applications monthly.  

For more information concerning Alabama’s tax delinquent property sales, application procedures, and helpful tips on reading transcripts of tax delinquent property, visit the department’s website at www.revenue.alabama.gov and log onto the “Property Tax Division” page, “Tax Delinquent Property for Sale” at http://revenue.alabama.gov/property/landsales/.




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