March 4, 2014

State of Alabama
Press Release: Medicaid

Obstetric Delivery Codes Require Modifiers

TO:  Physicians, Nurse Midwives, Maternity Care Primary Contractors

Effective for dates of service on or after April 1, 2014, physicians, nurse midwives, and maternity care primary contractors billing obstetric delivery claims using the following CPT codes 59400, 59409, 59410, 59510, 59514, 59515, 59610, 59612, 59614, 59618, 59620, or 59622 will be required to append one of the following modifiers:


§  UD Medically necessary delivery prior to 39 weeks of gestation


§  U9 Delivery at 39 weeks of gestation or later


§  UC Non-medically necessary delivery prior to 39 weeks of gestation

Note: Claims that are submitted for deliveries without one of the required modifiers will be denied. 


For additional questions, please contact Sylisa Lee-Jackson, Associate Director of the Maternity Program at 334-353-4599 or via email at or Jerri Jackson, Director of Managed Care Division at 334-242-5630 or via email at



ICD-10 is coming effective October 1, 2014. Are you ready?
New CMS-1500 (02/12) paper claim form is effective 04/01/2014. 

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