July 28, 2008

State of Alabama
Press Release: Forestry Commission, Alabama

AFC Names New Champion Trees for 2008

      Who would have believed it . . . there are currently 134 Champion Trees in Alabama! All trees that were nominated for “Champion Tree” status in 2008 have now been measured, and 30 of those trees were declared champions. To learn which trees have become new champions, and to see a complete listing of Alabama’s champion trees, access the Alabama Forestry Commission’s (AFC) website at: http://www.forestry.alabama.gov/PDFs/Champion_Trees_2008.pdf.

      The purpose of the Champion Tree Program is to discover, recognize, and preserve the largest of each tree species in Alabama. For a tree to be eligible, it must be a species that is recognized as native or naturalized in Alabama. A naturalized tree is an “introduced” species that has established itself in the wild, reproducing naturally and spreading.

      Anyone can nominate a tree for “Champion” consideration by completing an on-line nomination form; however, an AFC forester or forestry specialist is responsible for collecting the tree’s measurements. When determining a champion tree, three of the tree’s aspects are taken into consideration – circumference, height, and crown spread. The formula used to determine the size of a tree is as follows: one point for each inch of circumference, plus one point for each foot of height, as well as one point for each four feet of the average crown spread.

     Once a new champion is identified, both its owner and nominator receive certificates. The nominator is also presented with a permanent tree marker by AFC county personnel which is to be placed in proximity to the base of the tree.

     To learn more about the Champion Tree Program, or for more information about the Alabama Forestry Commission and the services it provides to the citizens of the state of Alabama, visit www.forestry.alabama.gov or contact your county AFC office.


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