January 23, 2013

State of Alabama
Press Release: Alabama Department of Commerce

SBA Launches Online Marketplace for Federal Contracts

January 23, 2013

The Small Business Administration started an online marketplace for government projects, attempting to streamline the search and bidding process for small federal contracts.

The site — called “RFP-EZ” — allows small business owners to create online profiles, browse government projects, and bid on the projects directly through the site. The site’s initial beta-version currently only includes a handful of requests, all from the SBA — projects include enhancing or creating databases or digital systems.

RFP-EZ is one of five projects assigned to the Presidential Innovation Fellows, a government program matching private-sector, non-profit or academic innovators to government agencies, encouraging collaboration. The Presidential Innovation Fellows launched in August of last year.

Other Presidential Innovation Fellows projects include Blue Button, which allows health care patients to download their own health information in a text file, and the “20% Initiative,” encouraging government programs to use electronic payment methods instead of cash to support foreign policy, government operations and commercial activities.

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