November 14, 2012

State of Alabama
Press Release: Alabama Department of Commerce

Lockheed, Huntsville-Based IERUS Technologies Team Through Defense Department's Mentor Program

November 13, 2012

For its part, Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company will assist IERUS Technologies in the development of its government accounting systems, quality and procurement processes and export control processes.

IERUS Technologies has worked with Lockheed Martin since 2010 as a subcontractor and is part of the team bidding for the U.S. Missile Defense Agency's Medium-range Ballistic Missile Targets contract.

"This relationship with Lockheed Martin promises to assist our business in key areas, such as quality, export control and contracts, that will position us for growth within missile defense and other markets, providing enablers for success on opportunities such as the Upgraded Early Warning Radar-Cobra Dane Testing and other contracts," said Jason Keen,  president, IERUS Technologies.

IERUS Technologies, with headquarters in Huntsville and offices in Atlanta, employs some 20 people. It provides systems engineering and program management support in the defense and commercial sectors, specializing in global optimization, radio frequency spectrum technologies and software acceleration.

"Lockheed Martin selected IERUS Technologies as a protégé company because of its outstanding innovation and performance, as well as its radio frequency and radar technology capabilities," said Dr. Patricia Dare, director of Targets and Countermeasures, Lockheed Martin Space Systems. "We look forward to helping this small business expand, while strengthening our supplier base."  

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