September 10, 2012

State of Alabama
Press Release: Homeland Security, Department of

ALDHS Reminds Public of “See Something, Say Something” Campaign in Conjunction with Upcoming 9/11 Anniversary

MONTGOMERY - Director Spencer Collier and the Alabama Department of Homeland Security reminds the citizens of Alabama that in relation to suspicious activity, if you “See Something, Say Something.”


There have been no credible or specific intelligence to indicate terrorist organizations are plotting attacks within Alabama to coincide with the 11th anniversary of September 11th. However, terrorist groups, as well as criminals who act alone, have shown interest in specific dates and anniversaries, such as September 11th.


“There were several individuals who saw warning signs prior to 9/11 and did not know how to report the suspicious activity,” said Director Collier. “If you feel that something is out of place in your environment, more than likely, you’re correct. Your willingness to report your information to authorities may be the missing piece of intelligence that can save lives.”


Several actions can be seen as out of the ordinary, whether it be a suspicious package, someone taking unusual photos of government buildings, or strange requests for information about an agency’s safety procedures or emergency plan. For a further list of possible suspicious activity, please visit and click on the “Awareness” tab.


ALDHS encourages the public to provide criminal or terrorist related tips to their local law enforcement agencies. These tips will be investigated locally and then reported by law enforcement to the Alabama Fusion Center.  However, citizens may also provide an anonymous tip directly to the Fusion Center at under the Public Awareness tab.




For additional information, contact Leah Garner at 334-353-3046.

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