August 14, 2012

State of Alabama
Press Release: Mental Health, Department of

Bell-Shambley, Klinner and Tarver Appointed to New Positions with ADMH

MONTGOMERY – The Alabama Department of Mental Health announces the appointment of Dr. Beverly Bell-Shambley, Thomas Klinner and Courtney Tarver to new positions within the department. Dr. Beverly Bell-Shambley was recently appointed the associate commissioner of ADMH’s Division of Mental Illness and Substance Abuse Services, and Courtney Tarver has been appointed to associate commissioner of The Division of Developmental Disabilities. In addition, Thomas Klinner has been appointed the department’s new general counsel. All three had been serving on an acting basis since July 3, until Commissioner Jim Reddoch recently made the appointments permanent.

Dr. Beverly Bell-Shambley is no stranger to mental illness and substance abuse issues as she has more than 26 years of experience at ADMH. Prior to her new position as associate commissioner, she served as the director of ADMH mental illness facilities for five years. She previously served as the clinical director of Taylor Hardin Secure Medical Facility for six years, and before that as director of neuropsychology services at Bryce Hospital. She had also served in management roles at the S.D. Allen Nursing Facility and the Mary Starke Harper Geriatric Psychiatry Center. Commissioner Reddoch says, “Dr. Bell-Shambley is a highly competent leader with many talents. Her hard work and dedication to the people we serve has been evident throughout her career. She will have a key role in leading us through these challenging times.”

Mr. Courtney Tarver also has a long career of serving the state and ADMH. He moves into his new role after serving for the past thirteen years as general counsel for the department. He previously worked in the attorney general’s office for twelve years where he served as deputy attorney general and special assistant attorney general for the violent crime unit. Mr. Tarver has also been an assistant prosecutor for the Madison County district attorney’s office and a program specialist for the U.S. Department of Justice. In addition to serving the state of Alabama, Mr. Tarver has also served his country and is a retired lieutenant colonel with the Army Reserve. He served active duty from 1978-1982 in Korea and Fort Hood, Texas. Commissioner Reddoch says, “Mr. Tarver has extensive knowledge of the developmental disabilities system of care. His level of commitment to the mission of the department and the people we serve is unparalleled.”

Mr. Thomas Klinner moves into the role of general counsel with Mr. Tarver’s appointment. Klinner has practiced law for more than 25 years, and has spent the past five years working as the department’s assistant general counsel and assistant attorney general. He has eight total years with ADMH and, prior to joining the department, worked 17 years in private practice. Commissioner Reddoch states, “Mr. Klinner has done an excellent job in the acting position, and I am confident he will continue his commitment to the mission of the department and serving people in the most integrated setting.”


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