July 9, 2012

State of Alabama
Press Release: Homeland Security, Department of

Director Spencer Collier Attends “Preparing for Public Safety Broadband” Forum

LEESBURG, VA — To help states with the implementation of the nationwide broadband network dedicated to public safety communications, the National Governors Association (NGA) hosted a forum, “Preparing for Public Safety Broadband.” Director Collier, and Chuck Murph, the ALDHS Assistant Director of Interoperable Communications, attended the Conference in Leesburg in late June 2012.


The passage of legislation that reallocates a portion of the spectrum (D block) to create a nationwide broadband network for first responders is a cornerstone of making the nation’s first interoperable public safety broadband network a reality. The new law requires that the First Responder Network Authority (FirstNet), which is charged with constructing and operating the network, coordinate directly with governors.


“We are excited about the future possibilities for Alabama’s First Responders from the allocation of the D Block to Public Safety,” Director Collier said. “This spectrum will usher in new innovations in how our First Responders manage incidents and disasters. The creation of the FirstNet board will put the needs of Public Safety at the forefront of the nationwide system design and implementation. Alabama stands ready to work with the FirstNet board to ensure our First Responder’s needs and requirements are met.”


Teams from nearly 50 states and territories were in attendance and topics of the “Preparing for Public Safety Broadband” meeting included:


  • Educating governors and other key state policymakers on challenges and opportunities related to moving to public safety broadband;


  • Assisting states in the process of updating and developing statewide communications plans and business models for network development;


  • Assisting states in understanding the differences between participating in the national network or building a separate state network; and


  • Supporting additional opportunities for state leadership on broadband build out and governance.





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