April 17, 2012

State of Alabama
Press Release: Alabama Department of Commerce

Tuscaloosa, Montgomery Named among Hardest-working U.S. Cities

Published: April 16, 2012
Mercedes plant shot.JPG
The proximity of the Mercedes-Benz plant helped drive Tuscaloosa's status as one of the hardest-working cities in the U.S. (News file/Michelle Campbell)
TUSCALOOSA, Alabama -- Tuscaloosa and Montgomery are two of the 25 hardest-working cities in the U.S., according to a project done by Parade Magazine and Total Cereal.

The study looked at a specific set of criteria to determine which cities, including average hours worked per capita, willingness to work during personal time, number of dual income homes and local employment rate.

Tuscaloosa finished No. 5 on the list, while Montgomery finished at No. 23.

The article notes that more than 70 percent of households in Tuscaloosa are dual-income, and residents are more likely than the national average to agree with the statement, "I must admit, I work most weekends."

Parade emphasizes impressive employment numbers due to the promixity of the Mercedes-Benz plant, along with Michelin Tires and JVC America plants.

They wrote that Montgomery residents responded they do not mind giving up personal time for work, ranking four points higher than the national average in that category.

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