January 12, 2012

State of Alabama
Press Release: Alabama Department of Commerce

Retail Incubation Space Set for Construction Soon

January11, 2012

Dothan Eagle

By: Lance Griffin | Dothan Eagle

Construction will begin soon on some downtown Dothan property that could be the birth place of several new businesses.

Contractors will soon build and renovate space at 131 N. Foster St. as part of a new retail incubation program.

The strategy is to provide a temporary environment in the downtown area for small retailers by subsidizing some expenses and making some business coaching available.

New Downtown Dothan Redevelopment Authority Executive Director Jansen Tidmore said bids will be unsealed near the end of the month for construction. The construction will provide four retail spaces for business startups.

“We wanted to provide a low-cost option for business to come in to our building, let us assist them with some mentoring, and then outgrow us,” Tidmore said.

Tidmore said the ability to open a business with some of the costs absorbed will allow owners to decide if the business is viable. If it is, the DDRA hopes it will move into a permanent downtown space.

“We believe it’s an innovate idea. It’s been tried in other places and we want to provide the best environment we can to help this area grow,” Tidmore added.

A similar retail incubation project was unveiled in Montgomery in late 2011.

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