August 9, 2011

State of Alabama
Press Release: Mental Health, Department of


MONTGOMERY – Historically, community service provider certification scores for services to people with mental illnesses, intellectual disabilities and substance use disorders have been made available by the Alabama Department of Mental Health upon request as they are public information. In an effort to make these scores more accessible to family members and the general public, ADMH has posted the list of the most current community service provider site visit scores on its Web site.

Community service provider site visit scores can be found by type of service, county, city, center name or by any combination of those choices. The scores are easily found by visiting the department’s Web site at

ADMH conducts four different types of programmatic site visits. Regular visits occur every 12 or 24 months. Initial visits are for a new service. Follow-up visits occur following a provisional certification. Other visits occur due to monitoring, for-cause or for any reason the service divisions deem necessary.

The certification of community programs is defined in the Alabama Administrative Code, Chapter 580-3-23. The degree of compliance with ADMH certification standards are based on a score of 100 percent. The certification timeframes for community programs are as follows: 90 percent or above receive a two-year certification, 80-89 percent receive a one-year certification and 70 percent and below receive a provisional certification for up to 60 days.


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