July 12, 2011

State of Alabama
Press Release: Forestry Commission, Alabama

Alabama Forest Recovery Task Force to Hold Landowner Meeting in Tuscaloosa on July 18

The Alabama Forest Recovery Task Force, created by Governor Robert Bentley to help forest landowner’s deal with the aftermath of the tornadoes of April 15 and 27, will hold the first of a series of meetings, on Monday, July 18, 2011, in Tuscaloosa.

The meeting will be held at the Cooperative Extension Office located in the Tuscaloosa County Courthouse Annex at 2513 7th Street in Tuscaloosa.

“The idea behind these meetings is to gather together representatives of industry and the state and federal agencies that deal with forestry and take the most up to date information we have to landowners who saw their timberland decimated by those terrible storms in April,” said AFRTF Chairman Tommy Thompson.

“We know a lot of landowners are hurting after seeing years of hard work shattered and spread across the landscape as their timber was ravaged by these storms. But it is incumbent on all of us to pick up the pieces and to return those lands to a productive state for economic, recreational and safety reasons,” Thompson added.

The meeting will include basic information about safety as forest landowners tackle the cleanup and reforestation of their lands. The Program will include experts who will discuss how to properly assess the damage and financial impact of the storms and how to acquire the services of a registered forester and a professional logging contractor, and where to find each.

Experts will also be on hand to discuss the consequences of having too much downed timber on a tract of land because of the possibility of insect infestations and wildfires that burn much hotter if the timber remains on the ground for a protracted period of time.

There will also be an expert on hand to talk about the tax implications of the storm damage and the casualty loss deductions for timber.

“We hope all of the forest landowners in the Tuscaloosa area will attend this meeting so that we can help them begin to get their lands into better shape,” Thompson said.

There is no RSVP requirement for attending this meeting. All forest landowners and members of the local media are welcome!  


Contact: AFRTF Chairman Tommy Thompson at 334-637-3463 or, tommy.thompson@lpcorp.com; AFRTF Executive Director Ray Clifton at 334-481-2130 or, rclifton@alaforestry.org; or AFRTF Communications Committee Chairman Sam Duvall at 334-481-2129 or, sduvall@alaforestry.org.             

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