April 12, 2011

State of Alabama
Press Release: Alabama Department of Commerce

Governor To Streamline Development, Workforce Training Efforts

Office of Governor Robert Bentley
MONTGOMERY— Governor Robert Bentley today continued his work to streamline economic development and workforce training efforts in the state.  He asked Chancellor Freida Hill to use the workforce training programs currently in use at the two-year college systems and develop them further under the authority of the Chancellor.  Those programs specifically include:  Alabama Industrial Development Training, the Alabama Technology Network, and training for existing businesses conducted by the state’s community colleges.

“I am asking Chancellor Hill to create a workforce training system that is the best and most efficient in the country.   In addition to training employees for new businesses locating in Alabama, I want the system to offer training and retraining for employees of existing businesses large and small,” said Governor Bentley. “They are the backbone of our economy and it is important for our workforce training system to help them prosper and grow.”

Before taking the oath of office in January, Governor Bentley asked Alabama Development Office Director Seth Hammett and Economic Development Partnership of Alabama President Bill Taylor to draft a blueprint for the roles and responsibilities of the state’s lead economic development agency and others involved in economic development. 

“I am today asking Bill Taylor and Seth Hammett to continue their work by aligning our economic development assets through written agreements between the Alabama Development Office and the state, local, and private agencies engaged in economic development,” said Governor Bentley. “These agreements will strengthen Alabama’s ability to recruit, retain, expand and encourage the companies that will ensure our economic future.”

The agreements will be between the Alabama Development Office and each organization strategic to economic development including: Economic Development Partnership of Alabama, electric power producers, Alabama Community College System, Alabama universities and private research entities, and local economic development officials.  The agreements are expected to be completed with each organization in May and will be the first formalized agreement among all parties recognizing their role in economic development.

“Governor Bentley’s directive will enable us to become better organized and more efficient as we work to create jobs for Alabamians,” said Alabama Development Office Director Seth Hammett.

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