February 24, 2004

State of Alabama
Press Release: Human Resources, Department of

Butler County Supervisor Receives Child Welfare Award

Susan Sorrells is the recipient of the 2004 Louise Pittman Award for Excellence in Child Welfare. The Department of Human Resources presented her with the award Tuesday, February 17th in Montgomery. Ms. Sorrells, a twenty-six year veteran with DHR, expressed her appreciation in receiving the award. " I am honored to be presented this award. Ms. Pittman is a legendary figure in DHR’s history and I am proud to have met and worked with her through committee work at the state level."

Ms. Sorrells is extraordinarily dedicated to the Department and the community. She is compassionate and caring towards those who need help to make their families safe. She goes to extraordinary means to provide services available in her community, county, and state for those who need help. She is always available to her staff at any hour of the day or night to help ensure the safety of children and youths.

Ms. Sorrells is a Program Supervisor in the Butler County DHR office and also serves as Coordinator of the Quality Assurance Team. As Program Supervisor she oversees the work of Child Protective Services, the Child Foster Care Unit, and the Adult Services Unit.

DHR first established the Louise Pittman Award for Excellence in Child Welfare in 1990 to recognize committed line workers and supervisors who work to improve the outcomes for children and families that we serve.

Miss Pittman has dedicated her career to child welfare for over 50 years. Her entire professional and personal life has been devoted to enhancing the lives of Alabama’s children and she remains a relentless advocate who is deeply concerned with family and children’s issues.

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