August 24, 2004

State of Alabama
Press Release: Human Resources, Department of

Calhoun County DHR Released by R.C. Court Monitor

On August 23rd, Calhoun County DHR became the 63rd county declared converted to the R.C. Principles by the federal court monitor, Dr. Ivor Groves. Sixty-six (66) of the state’s 67 counties have now asserted that they meet the very high standards set forth by the R.C. Consent Decree.

Cullman County will complete the overhaul of the state’s child welfare system when it asserts compliance next month. Dr. Walley remains confident that all 67 counties will be in compliance with the R.C. principles sometime this fall.

Since the consent decree began in 1991, DHR has tripled its child welfare funding, doubled its staff, and totally revamped its methods for delivering services to children and families. The result is that Alabama children are now safer than ever.

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