June 1, 2005

State of Alabama
Press Release: Human Resources, Department of

Alabama’s Child Welfare Program Praised for Meeting High Standards

The Alabama Department of Human Resources received notice from Carlis V. Williams, Southeast Regional Administrator, Administration for Children and Families, U. S. Department of Health and Human Services, that we have successfully completed all required action steps in our Child and Family Services Review, (CFSR) Program Improvement Plan (PIP).

"We congratulate you and your Family Services staff on the timely achievement of the planned action steps as well as the agreed upon amounts of improvements in the items, outcomes, and the case review system." Stated Ms. Williams in a letter to Dr. Page Walley.

"This could not have been accomplished without the diligent effort of many staff." Said Dr. Walley. "I am confident that our continued work, both at the state and county offices, will lead to success in this area," added Dr. Walley. "Through joint and targeted effort we will not only meet federal standards, we will continue to improve the lives of the families and children we serve."

As an additional honor, the Administration for Children and Families invited Alabama’s Family Services staff, one of only two states, to come to Washington, D.C. so they may help other states complete their CFSR, PIP successfully.

Family Services staff at the state office coordinated much of the planning and steps related to the CFSR, PIP. County Staff was involved as this took place and was responsible for implementation at the local level. Many thanks go to all county staff who integrated these goal-focused improvements related to safety, permanency, and well being into their day to day work with the families and children we serve.

All improvements in goals have now been achieved, with the exception of adoption. We are 0.1 percent below our goal for the adoption standard (finalized adoption within 24 months after removal). Once that goal is met, all penalties associated with the CFSR, PIP will be rescinded.

The goal of the CFSR process is continuous improvement. The Department has another year to accomplish the required improvement in our adoption data. A number of strategies are in place including the Permanency Conference scheduled for August and continued work with Judges and the Administrative Office of Courts to help in improving permanency measures.

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