August 22, 2005

State of Alabama
Press Release: Human Resources, Department of

New York Times Article Highlights Alabama’s Child Welfare System

Saturday, August 20th’s, New York Times front page featured an article recognizing DHR’s child welfare system as a national model. "...what experts in child welfare say has been one of the country's most sweeping transformations of the handling of neglected and abused children,"stated the article.

"While Alabama's system is far from perfect, local officials and independent experts say, the system now is more likely than before to keep children with their parents, safely, and tries to provide whatever aid might help that happen," it continued.

"We are pleased to have national news coverage of the fact that Alabama's child welfare system is now a model for excellence," Commissioner Walley said.

"Accolades from recognized child welfare experts have brought the national media to our state for details about this dramatic transformation. While no system is perfect, other states are encouraged by the fact that Alabama 's child welfare system, once considered one of the worst, is now one of the nation's best" he said.

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