September 1, 2005

State of Alabama
Press Release: Human Resources, Department of

Important Information and Phone Numbers for Issues Concerning Hurricane Katrina

We have compiled a list of important phone numbers, email addresses and other information that may be helpful to those recovering from Hurricane Katrina. Please use these phone numbers for information regarding relief efforts only. All other inquires should be made through regular contacts listed on this website.

Food Assistance

Toll free number for Food Assistance questions for Alabama residents:

September food stamp benefits were issued early and are now available to all current recipients in Mobile, Baldwin, Clarke, Choctaw, Sumter and Washington counties

A hot food waiver has been approved for the six federally declared counties of Mobile, Baldwin, Clarke, Choctaw, Sumter and Washington. This means that food stamp recipients in these counties may use their benefits to purchase prepared food.

For issues concerning Electronic Benefit Transaction (EBT) cards in Louisiana and Mississippi


To request a replacement EBT card: 1-888-524-3578

If you don’t know your EBT Card number: 1-888-997-1117 (J.P. Morgan customer service)

For certification issues only: 1-866-334-8304


To request a replacement card or get your EBT card number: 1-866-449-9488

For certification or participation issues: 1-800-948-4060

Child Support


Toll free number for questions about child support checks: 1-800-951-1274

Email address for questions about child support checks -

Child support checks considered undeliverable will be forwarded if a forwarding address has been given to the Post Office. If no forwarding address exists, the check will be returned to DHR.


Toll free number for questions about child support checks: 1-866-388-2836

Direct Number: (601) 359-4861


Toll free number for questions about child support checks: 1-800-256-4650

Email address for questions about child support checks:

Direct number to Baton Rouge, LA child support office: (225)-922-8100

Foster Care

Toll free numbers for displaced foster children and parents from other states:





For any other information concerning services provided by the Alabama Department of Human Resources or social services in other states effected by hurricane Katrina, please contact the county Department of Human Resources nearest you. For a complete listing of county office phone numbers and addresses, please use the following link:

County Office Contact Lookup

For social service questions in Lousiana call: 1-888-524-3578

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