November 8, 2006

State of Alabama
Press Release: Human Resources, Department of

Jackson County DHR Worker State Sets New Record for Child Support Collections

Alabama set a new record for child support collections in Fiscal Year 2006. Statewide, child support collections totaled more than $281 million in Fiscal Year 2006, eclipsing the previous year's total by almost $10 million.

"The fact that Alabama is doing a better job enforcing court-ordered child support payments means it is much less likely these families will have to go on welfare to care for their children," said Governor Riley. "Child support helps many single moms avoid welfare."

Statewide collections increased almost 12 percent over the past four years. "From Fiscal Year 2003 through Fiscal Year 2006, child support collections in Alabama totaled more than a billion dollars," said Commissioner Walley. "Collecting this money ensures that dependent children receive the financial support that they need and deserve from their parents," he said.

He credited the hard work of the agency's county child support staff and their community partners for the record-setting collections. "No program requires more cooperation and coordination in order to be successful," Commissioner Walley said about the state's child support program.

Fifty of Alabama's 67 counties increased their child support collections during Fiscal Year 2006, which ended October 1. Collections have increased 11.7 percent since 2003.

"District attorneys, judges, other court officials and private attorneys under contract to handle child support cases all work with county DHR staff to collect support on behalf of dependent children," Commissioner Walley said. "This very important work could not be done without the support of these community partners," he added.

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