February 24, 2010

State of Alabama
Press Release: Lt. Governor Folsom (2007-11)

SAVE ALABAMA PACT Thanks Governor Folsom

Thank you Lt. Gov. Folsom...

Save Alabama Pact would like to thank Lt. Governor Jim Folsom for leading the effort to insure that all PACT families are made aware of our organization.   For over six months, we have been exploring every avenue to make sure that all PACT families are informed.  Today, at the PACT board meeting Governor Folsom made sure our wishes became a reality.
Long ago, we went to the Treasurer's office with our modest requests and were informed that state law prohibited PACT from complying with our requests.    Lt. Governor Folsom then took the lead for our group and requested an Attorney General's opinion to clarify the issue once and for all. 
Governor Folsom secured an Attorney General's opinion stating that it was the PACT Board's discretion what to include in PACT mailings and on the program's website.  Governor Folsom presented the opinion to the PACT board  and formally made the appropriate motions to insure that Save Alabama PACT's contact information is listed on the PACT program's website and in all future mailings to PACT participants. 
This was a victory for our group in our effort to better communicate with all PACT families.  Governor Folsom has demonstrated his continued commitment to our cause by once again taking action on our behalf.

Dr. Richard Huckaby, Co-Founder
Patti Lambert, Co-Founder

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