February 10, 2010

State of Alabama
Press Release: Forestry Commission, Alabama

February Proclaimed Prescribed Fire Awareness Month by Governor

Governor Bob Riley recently proclaimed February as “Prescribed Fire Awareness Month” in Alabama. A traditional land management tool and part of the state’s heritage and culture, prescribed fire is recognized as the most effective, natural, and economical protection against wildfires.

In his proclamation, Riley states that prescribed burning is a property owner’s right, as well as a benefit to society. The Governor is calling on all Alabamians to learn about prescribed fire and the essential role fire plays in the stewardship of our natural resources and protection of our citizens.

In a collaborative effort with the Alabama Prescribed Fire Council (ALPFC) and other organizations, the Alabama Forestry Commission (AFC) promotes the use of prescribed burning not only to mitigate the risks of wildfire, but also for ecological, silvicultural, agricultural, and wildlife management purposes. 

According to State Forester Linda Casey, “There are two types of fires that affect our forestland: wildfires and prescribed burning. Wildfires are destructive, free-burning fires that require suppression. They not only destroy timber, but also threaten homes and property, deface scenic vistas, and damage wildlife habitat. A prescribed burn is a planned, low intensity fire used under controlled conditions. It consumes only undesirable understory and debris without damaging timber and other resources. Prescribed burning is an indispensible tool of forest resource management which has been used for years to accomplish a number of objectives including disposal of debris thereby reducing hazardous fuels, management of  competing vegetation, improved wildlife habitat, enhanced appearance and improved access, as well as site preparation for planting and seeding of tomorrow’s timber. Prescribed fire is one of our most important tools in the stewardship of our forests and other natural resources.”

For additional information, please visit the Alabama Prescribed Fire Council’s website at www.alpfc.org. Landowners who wish to implement prescribed fire on their property should seek assistance from a certified private contractor or the AFC. Visit www.forestry.alabama.gov to learn more.


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