February 16, 2024

State of Alabama
Press Release: Alabama State Board of Occupational Therapy

Impaired Practitioner Program - Downloadable Poster

To spread awareness for the Impaired Practitioner Program, an educational poster is available to licensees, employers, and consumers, highlighting the program's benefits and resources available.

The Alabama State Board of Occupational Therapy (Wellness Committee) offers an alternative to discipline for qualified Occupational Therapists and Occupational Therapy Assistants with issues related to substance abuse, mental health or physical ailments that may inhibit them from providing safe care to the citizens of Alabama.

The mission of this program is to promote the early identification, intervention, rehabilitation, monitoring, and successful re-entry of recovering licensees. The Wellness Program encourages voluntary reporting, assists in evaluation and treatment referrals, and with cooperation on the part of the affected individual will support re-entry to the profession. 

Download a Poster Here: http://tempuri.org/tempuri.html

You may request a poster by contacting this office at 334-353-4466 or info@ot.alabama.gov.
More information about the Impaired Practitioner Program can be found on this website's homepage. 

  • For more information, visit httP://ot.alabama.gov
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