May 13, 2009

State of Alabama
Press Release: Forestry Commission, Alabama

Alabama Forestry Commission Rates High in Customer Satisfaction

The Alabama Forestry Commission (AFC) commissioned a customer satisfaction survey from the Center for Governmental Services at Auburn University in July 2008. The purpose of the study was to assess customer satisfaction among Alabamians who have requested or received services from the Alabama Forestry Commission within the 2007-2008 fiscal year. The Alabama Forestry Commission identified approximately 3,800 customers who had requested or received services. These customers were mailed survey instruments and 1,184 completed surveys were returned. Below is a summary of the key findings.

The survey revealed that the Alabama Forestry Commission's customers have a high opinion of the agency and the services it provides to the public. Clients expressed high levels of satisfaction in all areas. Customers were very satisfied overall and with the timeliness and quality of the responses they were provided.

  • 95% percent of customers rate their overall satisfaction with the services they were
    provided as "satisfactory" or "excellent"
  • 96% percent of customers felt the services they were provided were "somewhat" or "very timely"
  • 94% percent of customers felt that the response they received met their needs.

The most common reason that customers cited for contacting the Alabama Forestry Commission was to request prescribed burn assistance (40%), followed by assistance with a specific forestry program, fire prevention/control training, stand management recommendations/improvement plans, and land management assistance. These contacts were typically made by phone.

Thirteen percent of customers who were surveyed had visited the new Alabama Forestry Commission's web site. Of those who had visited the website, their primary reason for their visit was to find out about services offered by the agency.

  • 98% of customers who had viewed the Alabama Forestry Commission's website thought it was "easy" or "very easy" to obtain the information they needed.

Survey respondents were asked to consider several options to address declining funding. Customers indicated their preference would be for the AFC to continue to seek additional funding sources rather than decrease services. Fire mitigation/suppression was identified to be the most preferred service, followed by forest management services, and then education services.

About one-quarter of respondents indicated they had current needs they would like the Alabama Forestry Commission to address. The most common need they mentioned was for assistance with prescribed burn (37%). Yet only 8% indicated they had a need to be contacted by Alabama Forestry Commission.

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