November 30, 2018

State of Alabama
Press Release: Mental Health, Department of

Inclusive Schools Week

Celebrating Supportive and Quality Education to all Students

Montgomery Ala.– The Alabama Department of Mental Health (ADMH) is proud to be a partner in celebrating the 18th Annual Inclusive Schools Week, December 3-7, 2018, in classrooms, schools, and communities throughout the world. Inclusive Schools Week (ISW) highlights and celebrates the progress schools have made in providing a supportive and quality education to all students, including those who are marginalized due to disability, gender, ethnicity, geography and language. The celebration also provides an important opportunity for educators, students, and families to discuss what else needs to be done to ensure that schools continue to improve their ability to successfully educate all children.

ADMH staff participate in the SEAP (Special Education Advisory Panel) representing the Division of Developmental Disabilities, working as a collective team with other state agencies and organizations to bring about improvements in inclusion statewide.

Governor Kay Ivey has signed a proclamation designating December 3-7, 2018, as Inclusive Schools Week in Alabama. This official proclamation states, “The State of Alabama is committed to educating students in inclusive schools and classrooms, ones that are welcoming and that are capable of educating all children.”

Inclusive Schools Week celebrates how schools can make progress on their journey and encourage everyone to build their “Kaleidoscope of Friends” while following a path of sharing and action. This year’s Celebration Guides contains updated resources to plan a successful Inclusive Schools Week celebration and includes new tools aimed at supporting schools in the process of becoming more inclusive.

The Celebration Kit is available for download at the Inclusive Schools Network website at Inclusive Schools Network has a wealth of innovative resources and is the best place to find updated information about Inclusive Schools Week and order new inclusion products.

For more information about the Inclusive Schools Network and Inclusive Schools Week, please visit or email

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