August 25, 2017

State of Alabama
Press Release: Medicaid

Deadline for ICN Probationary Certification Applications Extended

Deadline for ICN Probationary Certification Applications Extended

The Alabama Medicaid Agency has extended the deadline for organizations applying for probationary certification as Integrated Care Networks.  The Agency is in the process of revising the procurement timeline. Because of these revisions, the Agency is extending the timeframe for submitting applications for probationary certification. These applications will be due after the Mandated Competitive Procurement (MCP) is released; therefore, the MCP will contain a specific due date.

All organizations prepared to submit an application for probationary certification in accordance with the previous due date are encouraged to submit their applications. Early applications will be reviewed and processed upon submission.
Please note that only organizations intending on submitting a response to the Medicaid Agency’s MCP for the ICN Program need to apply for probationary certification. If an individual or organization intends to be a medical provider, vendor, or otherwise provide service to or for an ICN, they do not need to submit an application for probationary certification.
All applications for probationary certification must be submitted through the ICN SharePoint portal. In order to be granted access to the ICN SharePoint, an organization should submit the appropriate ICN SharePoint Access form, which can be found on the Medicaid Agency’s website (Click Here for Form)

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