March 24, 2017

State of Alabama
Press Release: Alabama Athletic Commission

Notice of AAC Regular Meeting - April 7, 2017

Regular Meeting of the Alabama Athletic Commission
Friday, April 7, 2017

                         Office of the AG

                    501 Washington Avenue

                     Montgomery, AL 36104

1.                                    Call Regular Meeting to Order

A.      Welcome Members and Guests

B.      Roll Call and Travel Vouchers

2.                                    Approval of Minutes from February 3, 2017 Meeting

3.                                    Executive Director's Office Report

    1. Finance Report
    2. Past Events Report
    3. Future Events –
    4. Approval of Licenses


4.                                    Old Business


5.                                    New Business

A.          Executive Services Contract

B.          Rules Amendment - Toughman

C.MedLic Contract

D.Glove Prohibition – Mexican Style in Heavyweight Division

E.          Updated Commission Forms

6.                                    Next Meeting

7.                                    Adjourn

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