February 6, 2017

State of Alabama
Press Release: Alabama Department of Revenue

ADOR Reports Results of 2016 Tax Amnesty Program

MONTGOMERY, Feb. 6, 2017 – The Alabama Department of Revenue released today the 2016 Alabama Tax Amnesty Program Executive Summary, which details the results of the program. Approved taxpayers received a three-year look-back period, waiver of penalties, and waiver of one-half interest.


The Department received gross collections of $5.6 million from taxpayers approved for amnesty.


“The Department of Revenue was happy to give these taxpayers the opportunity to do the right thing and come forward,” said Revenue Commissioner Julie P. Magee. “Millions of dollars of revenue are now where they should be, funding education and other services for Alabama citizens.”


The Alabama Tax Amnesty program, established by Act 2015-555, was available June 30 – Aug. 30, 2016, to taxpayers who had not been contacted by ADOR and were not parties to any criminal investigation or criminal litigation in any court in the U.S. or in the State of Alabama. The program applied to all taxes, except motor fuel taxes, administered by the Department of Revenue.


“I’m pleased that this legislation helped recover more than $5 million in funds for the education budget,” said Senator Tim Melson, sponsor of the amnesty legislation. “This program was a win-win for taxpayers and the state, and I’m proud of the work done in the Legislature and by the Department of Revenue to bring it to fruition.”


To read the 2016 Alabama Tax Amnesty Program Executive Summary, visit http://www.revenue.alabama.gov/documents/forms/2016_Alabama_Tax_Amnesty_Executive_Summary.pdf.  






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