June 20, 2016

State of Alabama
Press Release: Medicaid

Integrated Provider System (IPS) Project Guidance

PDF Version

TO:    All Providers 

In order to assist providers and Regional Care Organizations (RCOs) to better understand the Integrated Provider System (IPS) program and to clarify the intended focus of IPS projects, Alabama Medicaid has posted an “IPS Guidance” summary on the IPS webpage.

Given the volume of funding requests reflected in the IPS letter of intent (LOI) submissions, Alabama Medicaid realizes the importance of clarifying its funding parameters, so that RCOs and providers are aware of the limits of the IPS funding, and particularly the IPS projects that Alabama Medicaid does not intend to approve.


Providers that submitted an IPS LOI or that are interested in developing an IPS application should read this guidance document before moving forward. Although the IPS application timeline and due date are still to be determined, interested providers should begin to work with a sponsoring RCO to develop an IPS application. 


Please email questions related to the IPS program to RCOQuality@Medicaid.Alabama.gov.

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