May 6, 2016

State of Alabama
Press Release: Medicaid

Integrated Provider System (IPS) Update – New Materials Posted and Upcoming Training Sessions

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To:  All Providers

The Alabama Medicaid Agency will conduct two webinars on topics related to the Integrated Provider System (IPS) on Tuesday May 10, 2016, and Wednesday May 11, 2016. Each presentation will begin at noon and last one hour. Sessions will be recorded. Call-instructions have been posted on the IPS webpage which may be reached from the home page of

The programs are:
•    May 10, 2016 (Tuesday) IPS Application Training from 12pm-1pm CST – This training will provide specific guidance regarding projects that will and will not be considered for IPS funding and it will provide a high-level walk-through of the IPS application.  

•   May 11, 2016 (Wednesday) Q&A Session from 12pm-1pm CST – This will be an open forum for providers to ask IPS related questions.

Two new IPS-related materials are now on the IPS webpage and one additional one will be posted in the near future.

•    Draft IPS Protocols - In accordance with the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services’ Special Terms and Conditions Requirement 88, the IPS protocols provide a detailed outline of the IPS program.  This draft document includes additional information regarding the purpose and goals of the IPS program, funding limitations, participating providers’ roles, IPS application scoring, and details regarding how the IPS program will be administered.  This draft of the IPS Protocols is subject to CMS’ final approval.
•    Draft IPS Application – Included as Exhibit B-1 in the draft IPS protocols, participating providers that plan on participating in the IPS program should work with Regional Care Organizations in completing an IPS application for each proposed IPS project.  RCOs must submit all completed IPS applications by July 1, 2016, in order to be considered for IPS funding.  Before an IPS application is developed by participating providers, providers should: 1) Review all of the documents mentioned in this email to ensure that the proposed IPS project meets the IPS program’s objectives; 2) Contact the sponsoring RCO regarding its IPS application process and its associated deadlines.  This draft of the IPS Application is subject to CMS’ final approval. 
•   IPS Guidance (To be posted soon) – Pending review by CMS, Alabama Medicaid will be providing additional guidance to RCOs and providers regarding the types of IPS projects that Alabama Medicaid does not intend to approve. Given the volume of funding requests reflected in the IPS Letters of Intent, Alabama Medicaid realizes the importance of clarifying its funding parameters, so that RCOs and providers are aware of the limits of the IPS funding, and particularly the IPS projects that Alabama Medicaid does not intend to approve.

Questions related to the IPS program should be emailed to after the May 10 and 11 training sessions.

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