April 14, 2016

State of Alabama
Press Release: Alabama State Council on the Arts

Alabama Arts Radio Series - Deb Boykin talks Andrew Freear of Rural Studios



Picture from an article that appeared in the February 2014 issue of Fast Company magazine

This Program is a repeat from 2009 of Deborah Boykin interviewing Andrew Freear, director of The Rural Studio, a project of Auburn University's School of Architecture. He discusses how this community-based program enables students to learn through projects that ultimately provide affordable homes and public spaces in rural West Alabama. (watch a video here)

This year, Andrew Freear received the 2016 American Arts and Letters Award in Architecture.

This special radio series will air every Tuesday at 9:00 to 9:30 P.M., on the Troy University Public Radio Network at:  

  • WTSU 89.9 (Montgomery and Troy)
  • WRWA 88.7 (Dothan)
  • WTJB 91.7 (Columbus and Phenix   City) 

This radio series may not be broadcast in your area, but it can be accessed via the Internet at: http://www.arts.alabama.gov/actc/radioserieslist.aspx

If you have been listening to, and enjoying this radio series, please send your comments to: barbara.reed@arts.alabama.gov

Listen first hand using the link below.

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