March 1, 2016

State of Alabama
Press Release: Medicaid

Update to LTC Admission Notification Software for Short-Term Stays

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TO:  Hospice, Nursing Home Providers, Swing Bed/PEC Providers, ICF/IID Providers and Waiver Administrators (ADSS, ADMH and ADRS).

The Alabama Medicaid Agency has made a change to the LTC Admission Notification Software to allow for more accurate identification of individuals admitted for short-term stays in nursing homes of 90 days or less.  Effective immediately, all nursing facilities should click on the radio button labeled “NH Convalescent Care?” (renamed “NH Short Term Care” in the new update referenced below) in the LTC Admission Notification Software to indicate when the recipient is being admitted for short-term care.  This designation should be used only when the recipient is expected to be discharged within 90 days and should not be based upon the individual’s life expectancy.  Any questions should be directed to Robin Arrington at (334) 353-4754.

Also, the LTC Admission Notification Software has been updated to more accurately identify short term discharges.  Alabama Medicaid is requiring LTC providers using the AL LTC Admission Notification Software to upgrade to version 2.05 so recipients’ discharge reasons can be accurately recorded.

The software previously had only the following long term discharge reasons:
   •    T – Terminated from Program
   •    H – Discharge Home 
   •    D – Death

The update adds the following short term discharge reasons:
   •    G - Recipient participating in Gateway to Community Living
   •    M - Medicare Days
   •    P - Spend Down
   •    R - Recipient is Transferring/Reassigned to another Facility or Program
   •    S - Short Term Hospital Stay
   •    V – Revoked

These reasons will allow LTC Providers to correctly identify recipients physically leaving the facility or switching to another program or payment status. Alabama Medicaid is requiring Hospice Providers to include the appropriate Discharge Reason from the above list when submitting their 165Bs to the Agency’s contractor. Swing bed/PEC, and ICF/IID Providers are required to include the appropriate Discharge Reason from the above list when submitting their Form 199’s to the Agency’s contractor. Please note the importance of entering the discharge date and reason in a timely manner.  Failure to do so prevents the recipient from receiving services from other providers.



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